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The Penguin Army

The penguin army was founded in 1964 as a small marine recruitment station. It's original purpose was to provide back up soldiers when needed, but during its first years of operations, it became it's own military unit, and developed into a specialized marine service.

The small group was originally founded by penguins and was named the 'penguin army' because of this. However within months of being founded, the army opened it's doors to a diverse range of creatures, and the nickname 'penguin' had it's meaning changed. Rather than reflect on the founders species, it instead referred to the army's quick work in the water, and it's ability to navigate safely through some of the roughest waters on the planet. It's small size also played a part in it's name.

Throughout it's years of service, the penguin army has developed from a back up army, to a full blown search and rescue for the open seas, as well as occasionally inland.

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Penguin Army: mechanic and commanders - concepts by Nightshade-warroir
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Group Info

We are an army, set to help those who struggle out in the ocean's. despite the name, we are actually a marine animal based group, that started off as the penguin division.
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Oct 7, 2014


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random ouo

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Alrighty, this has been dead for ages and I am so sorry X'D but let's see if we can bring it back from the dead X'D

Whelp, we have a very small amount of new members, which sucks but eh, we can work with this x'D A while ago I intended to do an event after I posted the rules of the army. Never got around to it, and well, I think it's time I actually started running this group |'D

Of course, what's the first thing I do? Create an event |'D but it's not a big one, this is isn't something small to get the group into motion UwU All events are optional, you don't have to participate, however it is appreciated if you do as it helps get the group running and brings people together in a way ;u;

ANYWAY! Time to introduce you to the event x'D


Training has begun. It's time to test your skills, and learn the ins and outs of the army and its soldiers. Week One is basics week. We will be testing you on your speed, strength, agility and your team work. This will provide us with an idea on how to go about with the rest of your training.

Tests include:
- The beep test
- Push ups
- Agility course
- Group activities
- Lost and Rescue - Map reading skills are essential

We will also be doing health examinations as we need to know what kinda of conditions or health issues our trainees have so that we can provide proper assistance if it becomes an issue.

I will be supervising your training, and taking notes on what you guys can do, However the person in charge of your training, will be Orca by Nightshade-warroir


Comment below if you'll be participating in the event.

Submissions can quiet literally be anything for this, from short stories about going through some of the trials, to small sketches of your characters struggles/successes. 1 submission is fine, but there's no real limit. This event will end 30 days after the first person signs up for the event.  (since I know that people are busy, so i'm allowing for more time ;u; and I know it wouldn't be fair to start it unless theirs an actual participant >.<;;;)

Use your imagination for the agility course if you choose that, and if you have questions about any of the activities, or want more detail, just contact me or ask in the comments ;u;

I will be drawing small sketches of some of the courses and what they look like on Friday.

Agility course design:

Agility Course 2  by Nightshade-warroir Agility Course by Nightshade-warroir
Pengi - head of the penguin army by Nightshade-warroir

Hello there. welcome to The penguin army. Weird name, I know, especially since if you look around you'll notice that it completely contradicts the fact that our members are not just penguins, but marine animals in general. But ay, what can you do when every good name has been taken?

Anyway, my names Pengi. I'm the leader and co-founder of this army. It is great seeing new faces ready to sign up, but first we need to set a few ground rules, before you can join.

Firstly, every recruit has to go through a full year of training, after which a series of tests must be completed to ensure your up to the task of working here. Once you've completed these, you will go through your initiation. Your initiation, however, is not just a simple speech. But, i'll save the details for later, for now, just know that initiation night, is a fun night.

Secondly, we do not often allow members of this army to be younger than 18. Any members who happen to be under this age limit, are not generally permitted to leave the base without an older member accompanying them. This is not due to a lack of trust, but rather safety.

Thirdly, we work as a team here. No one is to act out on their own, nor leave the work to one single member. EVERYONE works together, and NOBODY ever leaves another member behind.

Lastly, any members caught breaking the rules, will be demoted. If you continue to break the rules, you will be stripped of any badges, and positions you held, and will  be forced to start from scratch as a new recruit. Break the rules again, and you will be banished from the army. Our rules are made for the saftey of the team, and for yourself. Respect them. The rules are situated at the notice board, memorize them.

(rules image will be added here. bare with me XD)

Now, allow me to show you to your sleeping areas, training will begin tomorrow morning. I expect to see you all there.
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